Hello, World – Pilot Post!

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It’s a pleasure to announce I’m starting to blog again. It’s supposed to be a space to fill with my thoughts, ideas, knowledges, news and announcements, etc. Always with professional emphasis, yet with an informal and sometimes comic tone. Polemical topics, like most things about politics, will keep being posted on my flame facebook account, and isn’t supposed to be here. For business and management subjects, you’ll find my contents here! It’s not my first blog, and you might be thinking: “why a new one”? First of all, having my (new) own domain – bruno.today, makes me feel kinda “home”, so I prefer it rather than the older ones. And also, the current structure allows me to set a Multilanguage website, which “fits” better with my goals, as my older blogs were in Portuguese only. Thus, my target is larger now, as I’ll write the blog in English, Portuguese, and try to write it in Spanish.

Beyond the target, now I have an improved set of contents to write about. In my Business Management course, for instance, every semester I do lots of cool study cases at companies, and study lots of cool stuff to write about, bringing useful academic knowledge to my readers.

About the older blogs, I’ll pick my best contents and bring it to here in some way in a near future, along the time. By now, thanks for reading, and please don’t forget to follow and comment; I’ll surely appreciate!

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